Butterfly Effect Card With Sapphire Dies

Butterflies always signify warm summer days for me. Sitting in the garden with these beautiful creatures fluttering around on silent wings. And what could be nicer than adding them to a card for a summer birthday. With the Birds and Butterflies from the Sapphire range you can cut and add as many as you like and they are in different patterns and sizes to really enhance the cards that you make.

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  1. Cut two panels of white card from Matting Basics A Die #7 (the smallest die size is #1), using the Grand Calibur Machine. Hinge them together to form the base card
  2. Cut one panel in pink cardstock with Matting Basics B Die #7.
  3. Cut another panel in striped pink patterned paper with Matting Basics A Die #6.
  4. Glue these panels together and add to the base card
  5. Using Matting Basics B Die #5, cut a plain pink panel
  6. With Matting Basics A Die #4, cut two more panels one in white and the other in Spotty Pink.SAMSUNG CSC
  7. With the largest circle from Sapphire Basic Set A cut an aperture out of the Spotty pink card and then position it over the white card to make sure that you add your sentiment in the correct position. If you use very light pencil marks to help you they can be erased after you have stamped.
  8. Layer these two pieces together with foam pads to give depth … adding some around the aperture to support it
  9. Then with more foam pads add them to the pink layer and then the base layers from the earlier steps.SAMSUNG CSC
  10. With the Butterflies and white card I have cut several butterflies. I also used the buttefly from the Basic Set A
  11. To give you that extra special little touch add your ink through the die while the card is still in place.
  12. Add these butterflies around the aperture raisng some up with foam pads for extra dimension.
  13. Curl the wings around a BBQ stick and layer some on top of the others if you wish.

Designers Tip:

For an extra sparkle to your butterflies go over them with a clear Glitter brush pen

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