Ivory Gingerbread House

I’m excited to show you how to make the new S4-553 Gingerbread House into a 3D holiday scene! It’s so pretty done in cream with glitter and
pearls. Best of all it’s not hard to do! Imagine this as a table centerpiece for the holiday season. Tuck a battery tea light under the
Gingerbread House and it will glow!

Spellbinders Products Used:
S4-553 Gingerbread House Etched Dies
SCP-014 Cuddle Cream Cardstock from Spellbinders® Celebra’tions Collection
GC-200 Spellbinders® Grand Calibur® Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

Cross Promotional Products:
Sakura of America: Quickie Glue™
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L®: 3D Foam Squares; Thin 3D Foam Squares (¼ white)
Want2Scrap: White Pearls

Other Supplies:
Cream Vellum (Heavyweight), Glitter, Craft Glue,  Double Sided Adhesive


Ivory Gingerbread House

1. From Cuddle Cream card stock cut/emboss Gingerbread House (piece with window, door, etc.) Leave paper in die.

2. Use Quickie Glue pen to apply glue in swirl patterns and sprinkle with glitter. Repeat, working on 2-3 spaces at a time, until all glitter is applied.

3. Cut vellum with Gingerbread House border die.

download (21)

4. Glue glittered Gingerbread House to vellum.

5. Add glue and glitter to window panes

6. From Cuddle Cream card stock cut Gingerbread House Border (house back). Place die with cutting edge up over it. Align and trace swirls along chimney edge with pencil. Cut along line to remove chimney.

7. Cut piece of Cuddle Cream card stock 2¾ x 8¾. Score ¼ from each long edge. Score 1¾ from each end. Score at center, 4 from end. Fold all score lines. Cut notches along edges where score line cross. Trim one long edge to about to fit Gingerbread House front.

8. Apply double sided adhesive to flaps along both long sides. Draw pencil line on back of Gingerbread House front along roof edge. Fasten strip to front aligning with roof edge and sides. Fasten solid house to remaining side for back.

8. Apply glue with Quickie Glue pen to random areas on roof and add glitter.

9. Fasten pearls to house front.


1. Cut/emboss 2 lollipops. Apply glue and glitter (same as Gingerbread House Step 2). Glue back to back. Roll small piece of air dry clay into ball, flatten one side, push lollipop into clay, dip clay in glitter and set aside to dry. Repeat 2 more times to make 3 lollipops.

2. Cut/emboss candy cane. Apply glue and glitter. Set in ball of air dry clay same as lollipop (Step 1).Repeat to make 3 candy canes

3. Cut/emboss 2 sets of gum drops. Curl edges backward. Fasten 2 back to back with 3D Foam Square at base and dot of glue at top. Apply
glue and glitter. Repeat.

4. Cut/emboss 2 candy pieces. Apply glue and glitter. Fasten together back to back with 3D Foam Square and glue. Repeat

Have fun creating your own Gingerbread House!

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  1. This is fantastic. I love it and you did such an awesome job. Love the fact that it is all white too. Gorgeous.

  2. Wow, absolutely gorgeous!!

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