Flourish Frame Pocket Gift Box

To get the most from any of your dies you need to look “outside the box.” The Flourish Frame Pocket can be added to the front of a card or inside it to hold your greeting. It can make a frame for you to add a photograph too, but in this case, I am going to look at the “box” by making a little gift box – ideal for any occasion! Once made, you can fill it with treats … cookies, candles, chocolates or anything else that your recipient would appreciate 🙂

Let’s start with the box: cut/emboss Flourished Frame Pocket Pocket Frame Die with white card. Then nest Pocket Frame Die and Pocket Insert Die together and cut/emboss two in pink cardstock. Add the white panels to the pink die cuts (note: add a little glue to the centre only. Don’t glue the sides yet) but fold along the scored lines. Determine your width of your box (mine is 6 cm wide) and cut the length to fit along the sides and the bottom of the box with pink cardstock. Also cut another piece slighly narrower and shorter as a liner to strengthen the box, set aside for the last step. Once the sides are folded along the score lines, glue the flaps together to secure. Add glue along the folded edges to the sides of the box and add these to the inside of the base panel you have just created. Repeat on other side to complete the box base.

For the handle, place the Pocket Insert die on a 4 x 25cm strip of pink cardstock (only the lattice part will cut into it). To extend the cut on the strip, re-align the die into the just cut pattern and pass it through the machine again.  Add white cardstock as a backing and trim both enough to use as a handle.

Lastly, score and fold the liner section and fit it inside the box base (for a finished look and strengthen the box). But before you glue it in place, add the handle by gluing it in between the layers – use small clothes pins to hold everything in place until everything dries.

Make them in different colours, add in some tissue paper and fill with a lovely gift for that special person. I hope you will pop over to Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls for more ideas and inspiration!

Flourish Frame Pocket Box by Christina Griffiths for Spellbinders Paper Arts

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