Leather Utensil Holder

The holidays have ended, but special occasions haven’t. Using the SR-013 Three’s a Crowd Die from Spellbinders® Contour™ Steel Rule Die Collection as a base, Designer Yana Smakula created a utensil holder for a special occasion dinner. What a perfect touch to accent your table. This utensil holder measures approx. 4 x 3.

Other Supplies:

Felt; Leather; Ribbon; Sewing Machine


  1. Die cut two (2) SR-013 Three’s a Crowd Die Large Triangle Banner Die out of leather.
  2. Die cut one (1) SR-013 Three’s a Crowd Die Small Triangle Banner Die out of red felt.
  3. Adhere Small Triangle Banner Die Cuts on top of Large Triangle Banner Die Cuts using a clear dot (used just to secure the two die cuts together when sewn). Alternative option is to use a pin.
  4. Stitch Small and Large Triangle Banners together using sewing machine.
  5. Stitch the two Large Triangle Die Cuts (leather) together in two sections so that the utensils can slide through. See photo for placement.
  6. Position the holder with the tip up. Tie a large bow with the gold cord and adhere onto the top.

Happy Crafting!


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