Guest Blogger: Tammy Tutterow, Making Dimension Fabric Flowers with Dies

I love creating fabric flowers for my projects.  With just a few simple supplies along with my dies I can create elaborate looking flowers that some simple things like white fabric, inks, and wire.

I always buy fabric in white for my flowers.  Since I own several types and colors of inks and sprays, I can color a white fabric die cut any color I want.  I love that I can use the same inks or paints that I am using on my project for a perfect match!

My favorite fabrics to work with are crinoline or buckram (find these in the utility fabric section at Joann’s) or extra first woven garment interfacing (find this in the interfacing/stabilizers section).  The extra firm woven interfacing from Therm O Web is a great fabric option for those of you who have wanted to try crinoline or buckram but have been unable to find it.

For this project I mixed Shabby Posies and Pom Pom Posies together.  Die cut four small Shabby Posies and four small Pom Pom Posies, and four Pom Pom Posies single leaves from fabric.

Use an ink blending tool to apply ink to both sides of the die cuts. I used Dried Marigold on the small Pom Pom Posies, Scattered Straw on the small Shabby Posies, and Peeled Paint on the leaves.

Use an ink blending tool to add Gathered Twigs to the tips of the leaves and the edges of the flowers. I only ink one side with the brown.

Blot die cuts with a dry cloth to remove excess water. Dry with a heat tool.

Brush four stamen bunches with Gathered Twigs Distress Ink to add a bit of age. You can find stamens at your local craft supply store in the wedding crafts and cake decorating sections. They are usually white and can be colored with inks. My favorite source is Etsy and eBay. You can easily find them at both places in a variety of colors.

Layer one small Pom Pom Posie with a small Shabby Posie. Pierce a hole through the center of both.

Place the stamen through the center of the Pom Pom and Shabby Posies. Pull the stamens through the hole until they rest right on top of the flower.

Wrap the stamens below the flower with floral tape and/or thin wire. The tape will hide any ugliness.

Trim the stem of the flower to about 1/4″ below the flower. Do this for all the die cuts to create four flowers.

Fold the leaves in half lengthwise.  Use a clear quick drying glue (I use Beacon 3 in 1, linked below) to adhere a piece of the scrap stem from the flowers to the under side of the leaf. Line up wire stem to the fold in the leaf.

Spellbinders Supplies:
S4-631 Pom Pom Posies
S4-628 Shabby Posies
S4-626 Frayed Tabs
PL-001 Platinum Die Cutting And Embossing Machine
T-001 Tool ‘N One

Add your flowers to you project mixing the flowers and leaves with other embellishments and die cuts.  I sometimes use thin twigs from a tree in my yard to add a more rustic touch.

Would you like to see how I created the tag shown in the photo? Click: Pick Me Up Art Tag Tutorial on my blog .


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