Guest Blogger: Debi Adams, What’s Your Style?

Hi everyone!  So glad you could join me today. Since some of my dies and stamps are being highlighted as a Value Bundle, I thought it might be cool to show how these items can be translated into a variety of looks and designs. Although I created them with my vision, reality is, they can be changed up to reflect YOUR style. I have to say the most favorite part of my job as an in-house designer, and also the most challenging, is making things differently than the way they were originally intended. Anyway, here’s my take on them…

Because I like a clean look, I wasn’t sure I could do mixed-media with this particular line, but with a little bit of letting go, I think I got it. Lots of layering with a variety of materials and techniques and, ta-dah! (It ended up being my favorite and generally, the difficult ones are!)

And what says “trendy” better than aquas, corals, golds! Watercoloring, calligraphy and a coloring book page add to the mix. Loving this. I could create all day long!

Organic…it’s all about the natural colors and simplicity. The sentiments compliment the collection, both in meaning and application.

Finally, (oh and there could be more…lol!) is the classy look. It’s all about the touches of elegance, glitter and grace.

So, if you could pick one grouping above, what style is YOU? What style would you like to see? I’m on board to give it a shot. Throw me your design challenges or suggestions or better yet, show me your creative pieces!

Create your own with these bundles:

Die/Stamp #1

Die/Stamp #2

Die/Stamp #3

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