Spellbinders Designer Days Feature (Day 3) Tammy Tutterow

Designer Days with Tammy Tutterow, Countdown to Creativation

We are counting down the days to Creativation 2017 (Craft & Hobby Assoc. Trade Show) here in Phoenix Arizona! Not everyone can make the event so why not bring some of it to you. This week, we are featuring Designer Days to introduce our licensed designers for 2017 – some whom you know and some who are new, so stay tuned! Today, we continue with one of our licensed designer who joined us last year, Tammy Tutterow!

Describe {Tammy Tutterow} in three words.

day dreamer. loyal. grateful

What were some influences that helped shape the collection?

My collections never really follow a theme, they are more about happy little bits and pieces. I am always inspired by what I think are happy little symbols- hearts, posties, polka dots, and stars.

Where is your favorite place to create or get inspired?

I love drawing and creating in my studio. It is in the center of our home and used to be our dining room. I am in the heart of our home there. There are huge windows that let me see outside to my front and side yards. I can see my flower gardens and watch the birds and butterflies that visit. I love vintage things and have a wall of shelves full of my different collections. All of the different things on the shelves are happy things to me and happy things inspire me!

What are your favorite, ‘must have’ pieces in your upcoming collection?

I love all of the stamps in my upcoming release, they are all special to me for different reasons. Perhaps my most favorite though is my Rejoice stamp. I chose Rejoice as my “word” for 2016. I doodled that stamp design one day when I was daydreaming and reflecting on the many good things happening for me and my family, things both big and little. I wanted to rejoice over them with a grateful heart, to not let them just pass by unappreciated.

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  1. Kewl! Love new dies!!!! Yay!

  2. I really like that your cards are so colorful and yet the colors are so soft. Also the pea pods on the “Welcone Wee One” stamp is a wonderful addition to the stamp.

  3. Delightful-just like Tammy. I really like the Special DAy stamp. The envelope and tag is a must have. I love putting things like that on my cards.

  4. Avatar Valerie Peek Breingan

    Ohhhh the Special Day stamp,meeee! Tammy you rock.!!!

  5. These are lovely! Best day ever and Hello I’d use a lot!

  6. Thank you for sharing your inspiration behind your new rejoice stamp. I love the little envelopes for the tags. So sweet! Each sentiment stamp is beautifully done and would be a welcome addition to any crafter’s stamp stash.

  7. How wonderful! Love the inspiration!

  8. Welcome Tammy Tutterow!! Loved your work and can’t wait to see all the upcoming designs!

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