Becca Feeken of - Gift Card Ensemble made with a card front die called Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
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Card Front Dies Make a Lovely Gift Box and Card Ensemble

One of my favorite things to do when I first get to play with a card front die is to make it into a box and card ensemble.  Voila, everything matches!  I’ve done this many times over the years and to my delight, it was quite easy to make a top, box and card for a gift ensemble set out of a new card front die from my Chantilly Paper Lace Collection.  Hi there, I’m Becca Feeken with Amazing Paper Grace and  today I’m so tickled to be using new dies from my Chantilly Paper Lace Collection.  I’m going to get you thinking outside of the box here on the blog today and when we are finished, I’ll meet you on my blog — the Amazing Paper Grace Blog –  where the Creative Team is showing each new die in detail for a Blog Hop and Giveaway.

Becca Feeken of - Gift Card Ensemble made with a card front die called Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die

Card Front Die Design Details:

One of the new dies being introduced, and what I am using today, is Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die.  It’s a big die with lots of options and you won’t be surprised if it is one of my favorites.  The formula is basically the same every time I do this however sometimes the features of the die dictate where lines fall.   Speaking of options, Bella Rose Lattice has many pieces – two are elegant arches that fit in an oval template.  A new set of borders called Lunette Arched Borders also fit into the Bella Rose Lattice template so, I’ve chosen to use the lattice borders from Lunette Arched Borders to make the top to my box. I will show you all then parts of the ensemble, then I’ll  take you through how I put it together  step by step.

Becca Feeken of - Gift Card Ensemble made with a card front die called Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die

The cards are so simple which makes it so  easy to make a batch or two in one sitting.  In addition, they can be personalized later with a sweet tag or just left blank!

Becca Feeken of - Gift Card Ensemble made with a card front die called Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die

Need a larger real estate area for a large sentiment?  Place the bow at the bottom or the ribbon removed altogether.  These sweet little cards are 3-1/2″ tall by 5″ wide.

Becca Feeken of - Gift Card Ensemble made with a card front die called Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die

The top of the box is created by cutting a decorative card front die and it sits snuggly on top of the box to protect the cards within.

Becca Feeken of - Gift Card Ensemble made with a card front die called Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die

The box is 4″ wide, 2″ deep and 5″ tall and  comfortably holds 4 bow adorned cards.

Becca Feeken of - Gift Card Ensemble made with a card front die called Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die

Bella Rose Lattice Die accepts additional arching borders like the ones in Lunette Arched Borders.  Here I made an additional box top using another set of inserts.  And now, I’ll show you how it goes together.


Making the Card (repeat four times)
1.  Cut small card 7″ tall by 5″ wide; score in half to make a 3-1/2″ x 5″ landscape card, round corners on bottom two corners.

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 01 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
2.  Cut/emboss Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die including the large oval die.

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 02 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
3.  Hand fold the Bella Rose die cut in half and glue to card base.

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 03 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
4.  Make a 1″ slit along the middle of the fold card base at the fold line.  Then punch a hole in the large loop on the bottom of the card and thread ribbon up through hole and down through slit.  Secure ribbon with tape.  Add a pre-tied bow to ribbon at bottom, center of card.

Making the Box Bottom
1.  Cut two pieces of sturdy card stock to 6-1/2″ x 7-1/2″

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 04 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
2.  With the 6-1/2″ edge at the top of a scoreboard, score at 4″ and 6″ then with the 7-1/2″ edge at the top of a scoreboard, score at 5″ and 7″

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 05 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
3.  Cut as shown, round corners and add ScorTape to right side flaps.
4.  Remove tape liners and lift right piece onto left flap to make one piece.  Fold right flap under then fold entire piece in center (wrong sides together) to engage the remaining flap.  Pop up box from flat to dimensional and close bottom tabs.

Making the Box Top

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 06 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
1.  Cut/emboss Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die, excluding the large oval die but including the arched inserts from Lunette Borders.

Tip:  Placing the border pieces is easy if you use the large oval as a guide but then remove so as to not cut out the oval.

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 07 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
2.  Score 1-1/2″ from each edge turning 90 degrees for each score and as a result, that will give you a total of four score lines.

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 08 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
3.  Cut as shown above.

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 09 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
4.  Trim loops from each end as shown above.

Becca Feeken - Card Ensemble Tutorial Step 10 with Bella Rose Lattice Layering Die
5.  Flex all score lines, bend flaps around end of top and glue sparingly.

So there you have it, a card box and cards that match from a card front die.  By switching the arched borders you could have one of three different top options for your gift giving!


Sending hugs!
Becca Feeken –

Spellbinders Supplies:

Other Supplies:
Neenah Classic Crest Natural White 80lb Smooth Card Stock, The Fine Touch Metallic Poster Board, Gold/Cream Design Paper, Offray 5/8″ Satin Ribbon, 3M Foam Tape, Corner Rounder, ScorTape


  • Jennifer Allcorn

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  • Teresa M Horner

    Wowsers !!! This is over the top amazing and love that you folded the die and created such a beautiful box with it!! You always come up with the most creative ways to use all of your dies… Love it 🙂

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    Spellbinder you and Becca have given us so many stunning dies and Ideas for cards. Love each one the quality and detais in each die is simply Magnificent This Blog hope is so Beautiful. You all Rock


    Love the entire new collection. What a wonderful way to use and share your many God given talents! Thank you!

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    Becca, your die and card designs are absolutely stunning. I’m always spending my die allowance on one of your creations. Love them all!

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    Goodness gracious – the designs just get better and better and the samples…..whoa! incredible. These get popped straight to the top of my “must Have” list. Keep inspiring us.

  • Chelsea Johnson

    Oh my, this is so gorgeous!!! What an elegant box of cards. So creative!!!! The instructions are fabulous also, since I will certainly want to try making a pretty set like this. Thank you so much for such a wonderful project!

  • Ingrid B

    I’ve posted this elsewhere in today’s Bloghop, but it bares repeating. I love that you create Intricate Die sets that are multi-functional, with pieces that can be used on their own as well as together. Wherever possible, I invest in sets I can get the most use out of, and yours’ certainly fulfill that requirement Becca. The Hemstitch Dies (Rectangles in the Venise Lace Collection, and Ovals in the newest release Chantilly Paper Lace Collection) brought back a flood of memories for me this morning. I have a very clear recollection of my Dutch Grandmother having a Tablecloth and matching Napkins with that very design all the way around. I have never seen it anywhere else, and I have no idea why it has stuck with me all these years, but it left a lovely warm and indelible feeling. Thank you for making my day 🙂

    • Becca Feeken

      Ingrid, you don’t know how much this is music to my ears! My die creation process is laborious and I make lots of changes until I feel like a die set is packed with enough value to warrant its purchase. I’m so lucky because Spellbinders agrees with me on this and they let me work this way. You so touched on the feeling I get when I look at hemstitching – it’s a mark of quality as well as revered embellishment – I’m so glad I could wrap that feeling into paper – it’s one of my favorite dies yet it is so very simple. Ingrid thank you so much for sharing your feelings!! You made *my* day!

  • Becky Green

    OH BECCA! I think I would be in heaven if I had ALL of your dies! They make me long for a simpler time, days long gone….IF we could only transfer this to everything else….. the gentleness of those days! THANK GOODNESS, you have the talent to bring it to our paper crafting! All is not lost! LOL I LOOOOVE this new collection! (I’m still collecting from the last one…. LOL) My Christmas List will be LONG this year with all of these GORGEOUS NEW DIES you’ve come up with!!! (Thank goodness for an understanding husband!) When I first got a peak at what you’d made here on the Spellbinders Blog, I thought it was the Venice Lace Mini Card/Booklet Gift Box. I’m playing with that die today….. 😉 (I’m PRAYING my other new dies come in SOON to finish off this project right! ) I have to slow myself down to get my project the way I see it in my head. LOL But, your project is WONDERFULLY GORGEOUS, here!!!!!! SIGH! I ALWAYS LOVE IT when you use GOLD! THANK YOU TOO, for the tutorial!!! 😉 Your new dies are SO INTRICATE, FEMININE & UTTERLY GORGEOUS!!!!!!! 😀 (I’m in HEAVEN!)

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    • Becca Feeken

      Okay Lynette, you had me laughing before I could even get through the first sentence! How are you my sweet friend? I’ve been busy, lol!! So glad you liked the tutorial – it’s an easy one!! So blessed to know you and so thankful you are in my crafty world!!

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    What a spectacular new collection Becca has here with Chantilly Lace! A total delight for lace lovers, like me (& I know I’m in very good company!). Isn’t it just like generous Becca to share creative & thoughtful ways to use these die? She does all the hard work to make us look good! Now, which ones are my favorites? Impossible to choose…

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    Hi Spellbinders,
    Becca has done it again, what a talent she is, aren’t you lucky she teamed up with you. This die set is superb. I love your projects today. I would love to have a lesson with Becca one day but I live on the other side of the globe. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Rene from OZ x

    • Becca Feeken

      Hi Rene, I had to just pop in today and say that perhaps one day I’ll get to come over. So many of my sweet craft friends live on the other side of the globe with you. Thank you so, so much for your kind words!

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    Your designs are spectacular. I love the boxes. The lids are exquisite and your bows always look so professional. Just love your designs.

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    It’s hard to chose a favourite but Bella Rose abs Coralene’s Chemise are running neck and neck so it looks like the two of the. Will be jumping in my basket.

    • Becca Feeken

      Lol Jennie, first of all, thank you so much for your kind words. I think your picks will give you a lot of mileage. They look beautiful layered over each other as well as alone. Happy Creating!!

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    Just when I think no one can come up with dies that are new and different enough from what I already have to make me drool over them, Becca does it again. Love, love, love the Chantilly Lace collection!

    • Becca Feeken

      Wow Kay, thank you so much! I have to say that it is a challenge to be different but your kind comment lets me know that perhaps I did. This collection is so close to my heart – I’m so glad you like it!!

  • Pam TAS

    Hi Becca you never fail to satisfy our creative juices !!!
    How gorgeous are these dies and what you achieve is so
    beautiful and also so feminine incredibly exquisite Go Girl
    Hugs Pam XXX

    • Becca Feeken

      My sweet friend, thank you!! I have been so busy, slept through emails and such and now you see why! Thank you for celebrating this release with me!! I’m so grateful for your kind words!

  • SuzzieQ

    Oh, Becca, what a beautiful collection. I may have to buy every new die. It is so wonderful that you design dies that not only make a card, but one can make a matching box, etc, too. My favorite of these latest dies in this collection is Annabelle’s Trousseau . I can hardly wait to get my hands on this one.

    • Becca Feeken

      Sweet friend, thank you!! I have to say that hearing you talk erases any doubt I may have had. I design what I love and hope that it pleases, your kind words are an inspiration 🙂

    • Becca Feeken

      Thank you so much Wanda. I probably obsess about the details when I’m designing and it takes a long time so your comment is music to my heart! This collection is almost like a child to me – I babied it for so long. So glad you popped in help me celebrate the release!

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