Diecut Ornament Series: Bella Rose Lattice Frame Ornament by Becca Feeken for Spellbinders #diecutting #spellbinders
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Diecut Ornament Series: Bella Rose Lattice Frame

Are you ready for another quick make?  This month I’ve been showing you how to make die cut ornaments for gifts, for fun and as a part of a family activity.  I’m Becca Feeken with Amazing Paper Grace and I’m back with the third in a three part series on Diecut Ornament Making.  Today I’m going to show you a round, eight gored ornament using S6-129 Bella Rose Lattice Layering Frame.  If you missed my post with Ornament 1 in the series, click HERE, Ornament 2 in the series, click HERE.

Diecut Ornament Series: Bella Rose Lattice Frame Ornament by Becca Feeken for Spellbinders #diecutting #spellbinders

Because there are three sets of inserts that fit this die, that means three different looks of the same ornament!  The matching arched inserts I chose were from S5-330 Lunette Arched Borders where I picked the heart motifs.

Diecut Ornament Series: Bella Rose Lattice Frame Ornament by Becca Feeken for Spellbinders #diecutting #spellbinders

This is another ornament that goes together quickly.  Once again, finding the button I wanted to use on top took longer than actually gluing the pieces together.   Although I used one color of card stock, alternating two colors would make a lovely ornament as well.

Diecut Ornament Series: Bella Rose Lattice Frame Ornament by Becca Feeken for Spellbinders #diecutting #spellbinders

Assemble Your Diecut Ornament:

Becca Feeken Tutorial Diecut Ornaments using Bella Rose Lattice Ornament

Gather a tassel, bow and embroidery thread.  Cut eight ovals with inserts from S6-129 Bella Rose Lattice Layering Frame.  I used the heart motifs from S5-330 Lunette Arched Borders for the insert on mine.   I also cut two small snowflakes from S3-302 Die D-Lite Snowflakes.

Becca Feeken Tutorial Diecut Ornaments using Bella Rose Lattice Ornament

Fold all eight ovals in half, rights sides together.

Becca Feeken Tutorial Diecut Ornaments using Bella Rose Lattice Ornament

Using Glossy Accents, glue all eight folded elements together.  Do this by placing one folded element on table, glue exposed top and stack another element on top of glue.  Repeat until all eight pieces are finished.   Glue snowflakes back to back on thread with tassel and glue thread to edge of stack.

Becca Feeken Tutorial Diecut Ornaments using Bella Rose Lattice Ornament

To finish, close the circle by putting glue on the last piece on top and gluing it to the first piece on the bottom of the stack.  Embellish by putting a button and bow on top.  Your ornament will lay flat for storage, as shown below.  If you want your ornament to retain a consistent shape, simply arrange the gores so that they are even and  add a dollop of hot glue at top of ornament.

Diecut Ornament Series: Bella Rose Lattice Frame Ornament by Becca Feeken for Spellbinders #diecutting #spellbinders


Spellbinders Supplies:

Other Supplies:

Gold Foil Cardstock, Ranger Glossy Accents, Seam Binding, Decorative Button, Decorative Leaves, Pearl Cotton Thread, Hot Glue Gun.

I love finding projects using dies, other than what they were originally made to do.  Handmade ornaments are like the icing on the cake.   Have a look in your stash to see what you can repurpose for your tree!

Sending hugs!
Becca Feeken – www.amazingpapergrace.com


  • Chelsea Johnson

    Oh, Becca. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! You are such an inspiration. I don’t know how you thought this up, but it is just so beautiful and elegant. Thank you so much for the tutorial on how you made it. Brilliant!

    • Becca Feeken

      Thank you Chelsea!! Lol, much to everyones chagrin, I design dies slowly because I like to marinate on whether I’m packing enough into what it can be used for. This particular die missed an earlier release because I just didn’t think it was ready. I will say that I’m feeling better about the long thought I put into making sure it is purchase-worthy. Thank you so much for your kind words on this!

    • Becca Feeken

      Thank so much Suzzie!! Many of these ornaments have been on my “must make” list for a while and then I think, would people want to see it? I thank you for your kind words – I might make a couple more!!

  • Joyce Stewart

    I just received my Chantilly Lace dies this morning from Hope and Chance Creativity in the U.K. Will be surprising my friends this Christmas.
    Thank you Becca, one again, for the inspiration you pass on to us weekly.

  • Denice with a "c"

    This is just a stunning ornament. I can just imagine decorating an entire Christmas tree with about a hundred of them. : ) Lots of love put into every one. thank you Becca for inspiring all of us to go just a little bit farther in all our endeavors. Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas. Cyber Hugs and may God bless…Denice with a “c”

    • Becca Feeken

      Hi Denice! Thank you so much for popping over and glad you liked the ornament. It’s not hard and I’m contemplating making with some kids 🙂 God bless you too sweet friend!

  • Patricia Wilson

    I love what you’re doing with the dies to make ornaments. I ordered a die just for that reason as the ornament was so pretty. Thank you for your inspiration and I’m sure that the people receiving my ornaments will love them. You have such wonderful products. All of your dies make beautiful greeting cards for me to give and sell.

    • Becca Feeken

      Sweet Patricia, you and the other readers here absolutely made my day! I work alone and sometimes wonder if I’m on the right track. Please reach out to me if you need any help in putting these together. Overhwelmed that I’m in lots of places, but the best place to get my attention is on Instagram – I’m there as amazingpapergrace – you can either message me or ask me to get in touch with you. Finally, thank you so much for your sweet words!!

  • Pam Tas

    Hi Becca thanks for making and sharing how your dies work you are the
    Queen of dies !!!
    I have been very lucky my local craft store has all your new dies right across
    the other side of the WORLD ……..
    I have been having a play with them they are Amazing your team on your
    blog have been doing beautiful cards etc ! Also Yana has done you proud
    with her work on SPELLBINDERS BLOG love it !
    Take care HUGS Pam XXX

  • Kristine Vencel

    Gorgeous ornament, Becca! Using a regular die no less!
    But of course, you have been challenging us to make ornaments using dies since at least 2010, when the Heirloom Ornaments were introduced. That was when I began following you on the Spellbinders blog before adding your own blog to my daily inspirational friends must-see list. Lol. I have so many ideas and not enough time.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent & designs.

    • Becca Feeken

      Kristine, it tickles me that you remember that honeycomb ornament – it was a first 🙂 I’ve seen a lot of people reproduce my original guide and it may be time for an update!! I am thinking to bring it into the current day with a rerelease – it was fun!!

  • Pam Kelly

    Another exquisite creation, Becca. You are amazing! I’m having some girlfriends over for a Christmas cocktail party next week. Now I have the perfect take-home gift for each special lady. Thank you for another fantastic inspiration. Hugs, Pam

  • Bente

    Absolutely stunning and elegant, Becca!
    I am so impressed by all your beautiful designs :))
    Thanks a lot for showing us how to make this beauty!

  • Lori Sloan

    Oh Becca! Your ornaments are absolutely stunning. I am making the second one….and plan to make the first one too! Now I just have to buy the dies for this lovely piece. Thank you so much for creating such versatile dies. I just love the idea of branching out to create not only beautiful cards, but other beautiful things too!

    • Becca Feeken

      Hi Lori! So glad you will be trying these – they are an easy make. Be sure to reach out to me if you have any questions – the best way to reach me is to follow on Instagram and send a message if you have questions 🙂

  • Debi Lefever

    OH BECCA!!! These are breath-taking beautiful!!! I need to take a couple of dollars from my grocery budget to save up to purchase these beauties. Being disabled, I have a lot of time to do crafts. I would have so much fun with making these. THANK YOU for your inspirations, Becca. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    • Becca Feeken

      Debi, I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. They really are quite easy and it’s just another bonus use of the die!! Thank you so much for your kind words and I wish you a Merry Christmas too!!


    Ordered this die yesterday and can’t wait until it comes! Becca is my everything designer, always look forward to receiving an email from her as I know it will be something totally breathtaking! God created this woman to be the “Queen of Crafting!!” Love you girl. Hugs!

  • Beth Hansen

    What a gorgeous ornament! Absolutely breathtaking! It looks very difficult but your instructions made it easy to follow along. It’s amazing what you can do with string, foiled paper and some detailed dies.

  • KarenHTK

    Gorgeous, Elegant Die with Infinite Creative Potential! Can be used for Wedding Centerpiece “Embellishment” as well using Elegant or Mirror or Glitter Cardstock with Love Birds or Doves in lieu of snowflake with fresh floral “base” and Gold or Silver (or colored to match theme) Aluminum Floral wire as holder in a tiered or graduated fashison.. Makes a Great birthday 3-D card as well which can be hung in one’s window or on mantle….possibilities are endless with this die.

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