Stitched Vibes by Stephanie Low

Stitched Vibes

I have this annoying tendency to pick up new fun hobbies or skills or projects and get tired of them before I gain much momentum.  Illustrating has actually been my longest running hubby that I have not lost interest in and I think it is because I need it for happiness at this point.  Maybe if I stick to something for SO long that it becomes part of me?! Probably.

So in this spirit of trying new skills and knowing full well that they will be temporary – I took up embroidery!  Or is it more of a cross stitch concept?  I am not sure.  My mom would know.

Stitched Vibes by Stephanie Low

I have been thinking and thinking of DIFFERENT things that I can do with my stamps and I remember seeing my girl, Tammy Tutterow used her stamps for some stitchiness (I just came up with that word) and thought I would give it a go.

So off I went to the craft store and grabbed a variety pack of string and some needles and embroidery hoops and that cross stitch style fabric (I’m sure it has a name, my mom would know).   I stamped my Good Vibes Only stamp on the fabric and just started figuring it out.  Since it is a very compact font I had to go with every letter a different color because when I tried it all as one color it was sort of a blur of stitches (and soooo boring).

Tammy pretty much mastered this concept (see link above) and I just took a stab so if you want to be thoroughly impressed be sure to check her out.   However, I did do a pretty good job at it seeing as how I had literally never done this before ever.  *Pats herself on the back like a creep*

Stitched Vibes by Stephanie Low

I tried some other images from the collection and even hand lettered some, but since I am a practicing Jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none I will still need some time to get those right before I am brave enough to show you good people!

Stitched Vibes by Stephanie Low

I hope you liked my little experiment as much as I did.  I think they could make cute little gifts or can even be done on a scarf or other clothing.  Maybe we should bring back handkerchiefs for this reason!  That would be cute!

Spellbinders Supplies:

Other Supplies:

Staz-On black ink pad (or any waterproof stamp pad); Embroidery Sting or Bakers Twine; Fabric; Embroidery Hoop; Thimble; Tapestry Needle

xoxo, Stephanie Low


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