Spring Crafting in a Pinch with Sharyn Sowell

Spring Crafting in a Pinch with Sharyn Sowell

Let’s face it. You’re busy. I’m busy. In an ideal world, we’d have hours to craft all day but this is real life and sometimes what we need is crafting in a pinch. So let’s make something ultra fast to celebrate spring!

Spring Crafting in a Pinch with Sharyn Sowell

I used the Baby’s Garden die from my Little Loves collection. Since I wanted to bring a bouquet to my neighbor but had literally only ten minutes to spare, I grabbed a generic looking tag I had made months ago and not used. I scrounged some ribbon from my stash and decided it was a perfect match for the daffodils in my garden. I sliced a little opening in the tag and threaded a piece of ribbon through.

You could use whatever you have on hand. Just cut a random background for your tag; it can even be a square scrap. Add a ribbon.

The point is no fussing, just take a scrap or two or something you made but didn’t end up using and add a pretty ribbon.

Spring Crafting in a Pinch with Sharyn Sowell

Next I cut out the sweet Baby’s Garden die and glued it to the tag.

Spring Crafting in a Pinch with Sharyn Sowell

I delivered it to my friend with a minute to spare, and that included dashing out to the garden for flowers. I bet she thought I spent a great deal of time on this pretty gift. Don’t tell her it was a five minute craft- that’s our little secret!

Spring Crafting in a Pinch with Sharyn Sowell

The only thing I didn’t have time for is cleaning up after my little crafting adventure… but I’ll only mess up the table again later today anyway when I’m crafting in a hurry.

Spring Crafting in a Pinch with Sharyn Sowell

About my die cut designs… Did you know I cut them all freehand using only a pair of scissors and a piece of ordinary paper? I’m in love with my scissors and I always dream up the image, usually based on my garden or family and friends or something I’ve seen while out and about. Then I snip away anything that isn’t part of the picture I’m creating. I draw with scissors and watch the image emerge. I’ve been known to whip out paper and scissors in a museum or at a soccer game, at a birthday party or wandering in a garden. I capture it all in a single piece of paper. Isn’t that wonderful fun?

Spellbinders Supplies:

Other supplies:

Adhesive of your choice; Scraps of paper; Ribbon; A little bouquet and flowers.

For more information about my scissor cuts and my perfectly imperfect creative lifestyle, you can find me at www.sharynsowellartblog.blogspot.com or www.sharynsowell.com.


  • Deb Kaste

    Sharon, your dies are amazing. I love them so much and am thrilled to know I will be able to add more to my collection. I’m hoping in the future that you would consider making dies of a child sewing or cooking.

  • Sharyn Sowell

    Deb, what a fun idea! All my designs begin with a piece of paper I cut freehand with scissors. I’ve done both sewing and baking and you’re right, they’d make wonderful dies. The world is full of fabulous ideas, isn’t it? There’s so much room for creativity.

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