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How to Make an Airmail Mini Album

Do you create mini albums?  What do you document?  Have you ever created one for a trip or stay-cation? We love the idea of using our Airmail envelopes to create a base for your photos + memories.  What an easy and decorative way to not only include photos, but also keep ephemera or any bits from your travels!

Why not shake things up a bit by including some patterned paper as a base for the pages, mixed in with the envelopes?  Or, simply adhering a panel of the paper on top of the envelope you can change up the texture and vibrancy of the album as you can see here.  The contrast between the envelope and the heart paper from the Sunday Adventure Prints looks wonderful together!

You can see how easy it is to slip bits of anything you choose right into the envelopes for meaningful keepsakes.  In this case, the contents are out in the open, encouraging anyone looking at the album to peek inside.

Another fun idea is to add a bit of ink to the envelopes.  There are several ways to do this – including with stencils [This is our Stained Glass Stencil] and your favorite way to add color.  You could use your True Color Fusion ink pads, Color Splash or even acrylic paints!

WOW!  Talk about so fun to look at.  So many great details.  This is such a great way to add something a little bit unexpected.  Including a page protector, or part of one [they are so simple to trim to your desired size] is so easy and really gives you freedom to try so many different things.  Don’t forget!  The fun doesn’t all have to happen INSIDE the page protectors, either.  Feel free to include embellishing on the outside, as well.

Who said that this mini album would just be neutral?  It is probably what you were thinking looking at the cover.  Instead, we’ve included all kinds of color by simply bringing in those Sunday Adventure Prints.  We used more neutral patterns in the page protectors with solid colors or tone on tone patterns, but really let the florals shine on the right.  This creates a great balance and doesn’t make this layout feel too busy.  In fact, it feels really cohesive and puts the focus on that fun photo!

And, don’t forget the ribbons!  They really make the album feel festive and bring in yet another texture that make the album unique and one of a kind.

Where do I start?  Don’t be afraid to not include a photo! Maybe there was a forgotten camera or the activity didn’t allow for photo taking.  Never fear!  You can still include as much or as little journaling as it takes to tell the story.  And, of course, you can add stamped embellishments, like this floral envelope from the Blue Skies stamp set.

Did you already grab your ink pads and photos to get to creating? We are inspired to document all of our moments in mini albums.  What project will you tackle first?


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