How To Tie A Double Bow!

How absolutely gorgeous are those double bows?  We think they are so stunning and guess what else?  They are SO easy to create.  Really! Wrap the ribbon around your fingers a couple of times and you have something beautiful for all of your projects.  Let us show you how!

You can use all kinds of ribbon for this — we’re sharing with you three different types.  You’ll hold the ribbon over the fingers on your opposite hand (your left hand if you’re right handed, your right if you are left handed).

Wrap the ribbon or twine behind the index finger and in front of the middle finger.  (Tip: The width apart your fingers are will be the size of the loops in your bow.)

You’ll wrap the ribbon around twice in a figure 8 fashion.

Now, lets tie it up!  You’ll take the end of your ribbon and put it over the figure 8 and thread it through the V your index and middle finger creates.

Pull that end all the way underneath – we’re going to use it again!

Now, to tie the bow tight!  Let’s slide the end of the ribbon underneath the wrapped area on the top. Pull that end tight – this is how we create the bow.

Once it’s tight you can slide the bow right off of your finger tips. Now is when you will work with the ribbon to shape it up, then trim the ends to your desired length.

Now, don’t forget!  You can use all types of ribbons, twine and thread to create this type of bow.

Would you like us to walk you through each step of creating these beauties?  You can watch that right here:

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