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Ice Cream Is Cheaper Than Therapy – Cardmaking Idea

Guys!  Not only is ice cream cheaper than therapy, but so is paper crafting!  [Okay, that might be arguable, lol.  But creating this card is cheaper than therapy!] . Creating some fun watercolor techniques with our beautiful Liquid Colors is definitely going to help you – heck, help us all!  Want to learn more?  Let’s discuss!

FSJ Ice Cream Is Cheaper Than Therapy Card 2

Don’t you love those gorgeous treats from the Sweet Life stamp set?  The beautiful watercolor pastels make them look just delightful.  Speaking of watercolor – it’s so fun to do!  For the pink dishes, take a bit of Bubble Gum Silk and dilute it slightly with a bit of water and a bit of Sparkle Silk.  Then, you can simply paint on that color!  For the rest of the colors [Cool Pool, Lemon Drop and Pretty Amethyst] the technique is very similar, except swap out the Bubble Gum silk for the Liquid Colors!  Dilute them slightly with water and Sparkle Silk and you’re ready to get to painting.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

FSJ Ice Cream Is Cheaper Than Therapy 3

Because the background stamping is the real star of the show, adding a bit of simple embellishing on top is all that is needed. A strip of Good Vibe Printed Paper creates a great contrast to anchor the sentiment, don’t you think?

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FSJ Ice Cream Is Cheaper Than Therapy Card


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