Craft Room Tour + Ten Tips For Organizing Your Craft Room

Welcome Fun friends!  We are more excited than normal to welcome you back today because we are taking a look at the Fun Stampers Journey Craft Room! That’s right – a tour of our craft room!  We’ve got both photos of the room + great tips to keep you organized, but we also have a video, too! Are you as excited as we are to see storage ideas for paper, inks and other tools? Then stick around because we cannot wait to show you the stamp storage, tape racks and other spots for everything you can think of!

FSJ Craft Room TourNot only are we showing off our space, but we’ve got TEN tips for staying organized, too. Are you looking for some new ideas?  Then you have come to the right place! Let’s get started because we all want to see more!

FSJ Craft Room Tour Tool StorageTip 1: Keep Tools Handy!

Gather all of your most used tools and keep them handy in one spot. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find your favorite corner rounder under tools you don’t use as often. Corral small tools & accessories in cute, inexpensive dishes. You can find these in your favorite colors and patterns at big box stores and your favorite home stores!

FSJ Craft Room Tour Embellishment Storage
Tip 2: Store Tiny Embellishments In Jars!
Pull together all of those itty bitty embellishments into small jars! We love grouping jars together in repurposed trays which keep them neat and adorable looking. You can also see exactly what is in the jars and they look cute, serving as decor for your space, as well.
FSJ Craft Room Tour Tool Storage
Tip 3: Use A Lazy Susan!
Upcycle a plain wooden Lazy Susan for your craft space. We freshened up ours with two coats of enamel spray paint. Then, add some thrifted bowls, jars and other containers perfect for all of your tools, favorite mediums [like the individual PanPastels] and various supplies! We love how it stays organized and keeps your favorite tools within arm’s reach. Plus, it just looks so very cute!
FSJ Craft Room Tour Ink and Re-Inker Storage
Tip 4: Repurpose Home Storage Items
Repurpose clear containers from your local home store to gather small bottles, splashes, silks or other mediums. The clear bin allows you to quickly see exactly what your next project needs – like that perfect shade of green! Plus, it keeps them all neat and tidy and easy to put on a shelf or in a cupboard.  Then, grab the box and select the color you need!
FSJ Craft Room Tour Wall Storage
Tip 5: Use Wall Space
Don’t forget to make use of your wall space. Narrow ledge shelving is perfect for bottles of paint, liquid colors, or jars of embellishments. Like these bottles of our Color Splashes, you can create decor for your craft room while staying organized. And of course, these shelves are a perfect spot for your own artwork – go ahead and display your craft!
FSJ Craft Room Storage Labeled Dividers
Tip 6: Create Dividers and Labels
Create your own dividers for dies or any other supplies you may have multiples of (stamp sets, patterned paper, stickers or other embellishments). We printed ours on 8.5X11″ Whip Cream cardstock, trimmed down just a bit to fit plastic bins and then laminated for durability. Choose categories and supplies that make sense to you!
FSJ Craft Room Tour Paint Storage
Tip 7: Paint Storage
Isn’t this such a fun idea for paint storage? Not only is it fun, but it’s easy, too! By simply gluing ¾” matching cardstock circles to the caps of our paint tubes, we can quickly grab the color we need. No more searching through all of the tubes to find the correct color. So effective and pretty, too!
FSJ Craft Room Tour Paper Storage + Organization
Tip 8: Paper Organization
Keep all of your paper organized, neat and tidy. Use everyday magazine holders you can pick up nearly anywhere (or our Paper Keeper!) to sort and organize all your pattern prints. You’ll want to make sure that the container you choose will fit the papers you have in your collection. Then, you can sort by color, holiday, manufacturer. Just make sure it makes sense to you! To take the organization one step further, we printed labels on Whip Cream cardstock, laminated them and die cut them into circles – so easy and cute.
FSJ Craft Room Tour Scrap Paper Storage
Tip 9: Tidy & Organize Those Scraps
We all need  ideas for storing scraps, right? We’ve been using this method for a while and it seems to work well. Simply tuck a large shallow basket into a drawer and sort scraps into rainbow order. Adding a smaller basket for little scraps make them easier to find. Bonus Tip: trim large scraps into ready-to-go card bases as we did in the right hand basket! Don’t you love that idea?
FSJ Craft Room Tour Rainbow Paper Organization
Tip 10: Utilize Rainbow Order
There is just something special about organizing in rainbow order. It’s just so pleasing to the eye! Whether it’s paper, inks or your favorite ribbons, knowing right where to look for that perfect color is worth its weight in gold. After all, Mother Nature just can’t be wrong.
FSJ Craft Room Tour Ribbon & Ink Organization
Are you ready to take a walk through our Craft Room?  Then, wait no longer.  Join us right here to see where all the fun happens at the Journey Station, our Fun Stampers Journey Craft Room!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to organize tape, paper or stamps – we’ve got something for nearly everything storage! Looking to take those supplies on the go?  We’ve got a tote, organizer and business tote to take all of the supplies where you need them. You can see all of our craft storage options right here. We’d love to hear your ideas, too!  So make sure to share them with us on our Facebook page or by tagging us on Instagram!


  • Joyce

    What an awesome craft room! I’m so glad you shared because even though my craft room is smaller, I’m organizing in a similar way and yet, I was able to take away some new ideas. I may even go from sitting to stamp, to standing to stamp after seeing this video!

    Thank you again! Joyce

  • Judy Bennett

    I had the chance to visit the Journey Station during Convention and so got to soak in this wonderful Craft Room. I have the space that is about this size but not a neat and organized. I didn’t take notes while there but this video is one that I can refer to again and again! Thanks, Miss Kim for taking the time to walk through it with us. I already incorporate some of the storage ideas but now I have a few more!


    Thank you so much for the tour! How cool to see where you create. Also you have some good tips as well as some impression on organization. Craft room management is always a work in progress. Your tour actually has inspired me at a time when I needed a bit of encouragement!

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