3 Simple Steps to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Hey friends, it’s Laura Williams here, and I have a confession. A deep, dark, terrible confession. Are you ready?

Sometimes – yes, sometimes (actually on a regular basis) I get into a crafty funk. I lose my motivation. My inspiration. My ability to glue two pieces of paper together in any sort of pleasing fashion. And it is so frustrating. Please, pretty please tell me I’m not alone here. Do you ever just feel like your creative mojo is gone forever?

Today I’m going to share an idea that almost always works to jumpstart my creativity out of that crafty funk. And here’s the proof: three cards that I made after the most recent time I implemented this idea.

I made all three of these cards at one time, with no creative roadblocks. A crafty miracle? No, just a change to my process and thoughts. I set some boundaries for myself. I made some rules. It’s okay if you’re a rule-breaker. You can make your own rules here. Here’s the formula for my plan.

Step One: Choose the Stamps

Choose a stamp set that is EASY for you to work with. It might be an old favorite, or it might be a brand new set you’re excited to use. Whatever feels EASY. I chose the Anchor Me Stamp Set, which I hadn’t used in ages, and recently came back to the shop after coming out of retirement. (Yay!) You can add other stamp sets (like backgrounds or sentiments) but stick with one main stamp set. Choosing a set might be the hardest part of this process!

Step Two: Choose the Colors

Chose three colors. (Or four. Or five.) Again, you make the rules. Choose the colors you love. Or the colors that jump out at you. But just pick some. Narrow it down as you work if you need to. I chose Cool Pool, Rich Coral, and Haystack, plus Black Licorice and Whip Cream.

Step Three: Make THREE cards

Make a card. It can be simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated or filled with techniques. Just make it. And here comes the magic part – you have the stamp set out, and you have the cardstock and ink out. You’ve made the decisions, and you’ve made the mess already, so go with it. Make THREE cards with that stamp set and those colors. You can make all three cards almost exactly the same, or completely different. (Remember, you make the rules around here!) The point is that you committed, and you accomplished something. Sometimes that’s all you need to restart your productivity.

I’m convinced that sometimes I become paralyzed because I have too many choices. This process helps to limit some of the decision-making, which frees me up to stop stressing, have fun and get some projects done! Remember, my rules don’t have to be your rules. Maybe your self-imposed rule is to follow the same sketch for three cards, or to make a card with only one color of ink. Not a card-maker? Apply this same rule-making idea to scrapbooking, or mixed media, or your planner-art. Make your own rule – but then stick to it!

What’s a rule that would jumpstart your creativity? Your idea might be just what helps someone else, so pretty please tell us in the comments. After that, stop over at my blog, Laura Looloo,  where you’ll find three MORE cards using this stamp set! (It’s just further proof that this process works for me! I hope it’ll help you next time you’re in a crafty funk too!

Supplies Used: Anchor Me Stamp Set | Fringe Wall Stamp | Journey Circles Die Set | Journey Ovals Die Set | Black Licorice True Color Fusion Ink Pad | Whip Cream Cardstock | Cool Pool Cardstock | Haystack Cardstock | Black Licorice Cardstock | Rich Coral Cardstock | Licorice Twist Twine | Whip Cream Thread | Pool Play Sparkle Tape | Gold Silk | Black Licorice Silk



  • Audra Schoch

    Laura, you are one smart cookie!
    Thanks for sharing this and all of your other crafty wisdom☺️
    You ROCK ?❣️?

  • Betty

    Thank you, Laura! Great cards!!! Card-making funk is not good when you are responsible for the birthday cards for your church! Some months, I have 25 to make and send….some months, 50. I have to tell myself “Just get started.”! Once I do, the colors, patterns, and stamps come together, and I’m having fun again! A sheet of patterned paper usually catches my eye, and I’m off! I agree abt being overwhelmed with all my options (a kinder way to refer to the mountains of craft supplies, haha). That’s where the getting started is the hardest! Thanks to FSJ, I can check the blog, catalog, or a video to get inspired! Have a blessed and crafty week!

    • funstampers

      What a great way to share your love of cardmaking! And you really better stockpile a mountain of craft supplies . . .you never know when you might have an extra BIG birthday card month! 😉 We’re so happy that you find inspiration at FSJ!

    • Dorothy

      I can relate! Trying to “get started” now, but trying to organize my supplies before hand. Never got straightened out from Christmas–and I have bought more supplies since then! OMG…Thanks for your hints! Like the commercial says: “Just do it!”

  • Lezlye Lauterbach

    SUch great advice Laura. Yes, I too have experienced this creative mojo block. I agree having too many choices is a big problem for me. I am going to try your process the next time my MOJO is on Vacation. 🙂

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