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Royal Flourish Collection Introduction by Becca Feeken

Have you ever noticed during period dramas like Game of Thrones that the Royalty each have their own insignia and way of writing? I’m fascinated by these things and love that this mattered to them. Oh, pride they took in the written word!! It is for sure that long ago, the art of the written word was revered.

It’s really no different today. We all have our own flourishes of style that we leave to call things our own. Hi there, I’m Becca Feeken with Amazing Paper Grace and I’m blessed to be introducing a new mini collection called Royal Flourish.

I love the thought of impressing your look or your mark and this is a collection that lets you do this in a royal way, with Glimmer detailing. Whether you love to build layers by having a glimmer background that peeks out from underneath or whether you love the simplicity of laying down a look on its own, foil accents are a stunning embellishment.

Royal Flourish in combination with looking elegant also checks the box with some basic shapes. Let me introduce each:

The Contessa’s Seal Panel

Royal Flourish Collection Introduction by Becca Feeken

There’s so much detail in this all in one symmetrical design that makes it perfect for a card base and for layering. Just imagine it as an embellishment or with a monogram inside. The companion shape is an oval that can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Crowned Rimmed Squares

Royal Flourish Collection Introduction by Becca Feeken

I love a good border and Crowned Rim Squares is the perfect highlight for any square die cuts. It’s a large border piece with a channel that is designed to be cut out with squares you already have in your stash like Hemstitch Squares. The decorative pieces are separate and whether used as a header or to bookend your design – add that extra bit of embellishment.

Imperial Adorned Ovals

Royal Flourish Collection Introduction by Becca Feeken

Ovals has always been one of my go to shapes and the Imperial Adorned Ovals I designed to be cut with other ovals you already have in your stash like Hemstitch Ovals. The dotted detail and little flourishes put on the finishing touch when used as a border and stand either vertically or horizontally.

The Petite Looking Glass Frame

Royal Flourish Collection Introduction by Becca Feeken

It’s the outside detail that’s so unique that leads to the inside detail that’s the perfect canvas for a sentiment. This pointed framed is chalk full of flourishes that perfectly land a sentiment or lead you to cut an aperture.

I’m a huge fan of hot foil and adding Glimmer to a creation is such a lovely way to add rich detail and embellishments. From simply embellishing the top of a notecard to creating an RSVP card, Royal Flourish has a plate that can add that detail. There is something so special about honing your own look and leaving your own flourishes that I was inspired to create embellishing plates with a royal feel to embellish the every day.

Becca Feeken
Amazing Paper Grace

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