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Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken – Collection Introduction

My latest collection, Candlewick Sampler, is based Candlewick embroidery, a traditional form of needlework with a knotted white-on-white design. I wanted to recreate the dimension and “feel” of this art form into detailed, embossed dies perfect for any celebration.

S3-382 Candlewick Colonnade Border

Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken - Collection Introduction

Create a new card detail by using this die set with the tulip dot motif as a topper for a card, a border element or even as a gatefold when cut twice. The candlewick “knotted” details are ideal for adding pearl or crystal accents for a stunning card.

S4-1015 Candlewick Rosebud

Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken - Collection Introduction

The newest “Cinch and Go” flowers are gorgeous rosebuds. Cut, burnish and build to create dimensional detail for any card or project. The set includes a trio of embossed leaves and a “Candlewick-ed” embossed flourish.

S4-1016 Candlewick Canopy

Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken - Collection Introduction

I wanted to continue the tulip dot motif in this framed die set, which will turn any card front into a work of art. I envision snipping various elements from the dies to create a multitude of decorative accents.

S4-1018 Candlewick Petticoat

Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken - Collection Introduction

The clean, flourished lines of this set, complete with the tulip dot detail, is the epitome of what ties this entire Candlewick collection together. I envision the bracket die used to tuck the decorative die underneath (like a petticoat!) to create a laced edge that adds just the right amount of elegance to any project.

S4-1022 Candlewick Grand Pocket

Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken - Collection Introduction

I love pockets! To be able to slide in a layered element, memento or photo just brings a project to another level. This pocket die has a scoreline on one side and a flap on another. Cut your card panel with the die and you have and instant pocket that can be further embellished with the flower dies included in the set.

S4-1023 Candlewick Exquisite Topper

Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken - Collection Introduction

Is it a card belly band? A card topper? A border? Decorative element? How about all of these! The 2 outline dies allow for this set to be used as a topper or border or without the outline dies, create a die cut design on a card panel. I love the versatility!

S4-1024 Candlewick Edged Corners

Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken - Collection Introduction

This is another multi-purpose set of dies that have the Candlewick touches I adore. I love the use of the “split dies” that can be used together to cut out the entire shape, or use just the top outline die with the insert for a card topper or the bottom outline and insert for a border. Stack a pair of these together to create a frame. The possibilities are endless!

S5-402 Candlewick Lace Card Front

Candlewick Sampler by Becca Feeken - Collection Introduction

This design is reminiscent of a vintage Candlewick bedspread or tablecloth. The detail is so eye-catching that I had to have this as a cardfront! Imaging this cut out and layered over contrasting color, or go “old school” and create a white on white motif. The emboss and deboss elements create wonderful depth and dimension.


Craft artist Becca Feeken blends a love of sewing, embroidery, needlecrafts and jewelry-making into a passion for gift making and paper crafts. Her distinct style is a romantic elegance with classical and victorian influences, often punctuated with a delicate ribbon bow or handcrafted embellishments.Her passion for die-cutting began in early 2000 and today motivates her to encourage others in gift making, nurturing faith, creating legacy and giving.As a licensed die and stamp designer for Spellbinders, her sweetly recognizable designs continue to impact the industry.


  • Avatar

    Pam TAS

    Hi Becca these are very pretty love the cinch and go rose bud flowers they are like the rest of
    the cinch and go must HAVE 🥰
    These dies are different again how do you do it ! you just keep them coming thank you for all
    you do to keep us on our toes and your motivation is so helpful and unique…
    Hugs Pam XXX

    • Avatar

      Becca Feeken

      Pam, thank you so much!! This is one of my most favorites collections to date! It so reminds me of Candlewicking and the opportunity to cross dies with my love of fabric is a dream come true 🙂

  • Avatar

    Surekha Galagoda

    Dear Becca
    Oh I love the designs created by you. They are so elegant and beautiful. dream of owning them one day. love and blessings

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