Spellbinders January 2020 Small Die of the Month is Here – Bold Love #SpellbindersClubKits #NeverStopMaking
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January 2020 Small Die of the Month is Here – Bold Love

Our January 2020 Small Die of the Month is here! This “Bold Love” die set features 10 cutting dies.

Enjoy the step by step tutorial below as well as the video tutorial to get you started with this month’s kit. Make sure to show us what you create by tagging #SpellbindersClubKits on social media! This kit is available January 1st, 2020, make sure to get yours!

Spellbinders January 2020 Small Die of the Month is Here – Bold Love #SpellbindersClubKits #NeverStopMaking

Love Card

Spellbinders January 2020 Small Die of the Month is Here – Bold Love #SpellbindersClubKits #NeverStopMaking

Catch step by step instructions for this project below. Click photos to enlarge:

  • Die cut
  • Die cut accents & assemble
  • Prep card base
  • Add assembled die cut
  • Affix die cut letters
  • Embellish

January 2020 Small Die Of The Month – Video Tutorial

Watch video tutorial using this month kit below or on Youtube.

Additional inspiration

Here’s a closer look at the projects we created using our January 2020 Small Die Of The Month kit:

Spellbinders January 2020 Small Die of the Month is Here – Bold Love #SpellbindersClubKits #NeverStopMaking

Spellbinders January 2020 Small Die of the Month is Here – Bold Love #SpellbindersClubKits #NeverStopMaking

Value Clubs

We have several Value Clubs available!

Die Hero Club (includes Small, Large and APG Dies of the Month) and The Works Club (includes Small, Large, APG Dies of the Month + Card Kit of the Month) and other Value Clubs. See all Value Club options here.

Spellbinders January 2020 Small Die of the Month is Here – Bold Love #SpellbindersClubKits #NeverStopMaking


  • Laurie Beck

    Looks like I’ll be skipping this month. I’m disappointed that the actual dies are no longer pictured in the blog post. (They used to be, what hapened?) Watching the video, it appears the main “Love” die is too large for my little 2 1/2 inch wide die cut machine. I haven’t had this problem before; all of the small die club kits have been perfectly usable in my small machine, but not this time. I would really like to have the die photos and measurements back again as are listed in the Spellbinders die sets sold on the site.

    • Yana Smakula

      Hello Laurie, Happy New Year to you and yours.

      We understand your disappointment with not being able to see the actual dies on the blog post and we are too. However, the reason that we are not posting the actual, life-size, proportional images is not because we don’t want to. You may or may not be aware of a huge problem in the arts and crafts community as well as in many other creative industries where mostly Chinese factories and websites are using copyrighted designs, artwork, logos, trademarks and other Intellectual Property (IP) to copy, counterfeit and sell our designs as their own. They literally steal the artwork from the internet, make low quality often dysfunctional products and sell cheap junk in most cases. The only way that we have found to be an effective method to counteract this problem is to not show the actual art in a way that is easily copied or reproduced. We have tried many things but that tactic is the one that actually works. We are trying to show more of the finished and assembled projects, which are difficult to copy the die from an assembled project.

      Sometimes they copy very closely and sell as our brand, sometimes they are way off and sell as our brand anyway. Then we often get the phone calls from upset customers who purchased counterfeit products from a willing website. Often the pieces don’t fit, the designs don’t work well together and some customers think it is our fault when it is the same as a counterfeit Rolex purchased on a NY street corner that stops working the first week. Needless to say it is not an easy problem to solve. Literally thousands of companies in hundreds of different industries are impacted. We are looking at various technology solutions to help us fight this problem but we, like almost every company in this industry, are a small business and it is a big problem.

      We truly appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience to you, our valued customer. As politicians and lawmakers try to find a solution to the problem of counterfeit products, we trust that you will appreciate our efforts to try and stop this problem. We are diligently looking at solutions to fix this issue but until then, thank you for your understanding and support.

      Kind Regards,

      Team Spellbinders

      • Laurie Beck

        I do understand the problem. Having worked at a US manufacturing company, I’ve seen it happen, too. Once you’ve tracked down and stopped one company from counterfeiting, two more pop up elsewhere. It’s like an evil game of wack-a-mole.
        That said, if die dimensions or photos are no longer an option, I wonder if Team Spellbinders might consider indicating that a set has been tried in or can be used in a particular die cut machine. For example, I expect sets in the small die club would work in a Prizm. This is the kind of information I look for when considering purchasing any die set, and this type of information would not give away any of your copyrighted details. It might add a step to your process, but it may be worth it to your customers.
        I really love your products and came to Spellbinders as a new paper crafter. I have enjoyed learning and growing with you. Thanks for all you do, and for your caring and detailed reply.

  • Leah Hearnsberger

    Do you sell the white caddy that is used in the videos to keep the small die pieces? Such a great tool!

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