Spellbinders Cards for Kindness #spellbinders #Neverstopmaking #cardmaking

Cards for Kindness

As card makers, we know the love and kindness that a handmade card carries when it lands in someone’s mailbox. We’ve crafted a piece of our hearts into our crafts and the most valuable part of the process is sharing it with a loved one, or someone who needs a little extra kindness and care. 

We are proud to partner with Scrapbook.com in their Cards for Kindness initiative because they are putting handmade cards into the hands of those who will be encouraged, loved, and celebrated through kindness and care. At Spellbinders, we make hundreds of cards each year, for our weekly videos, blog posts, and new releases. Along with other companies in the industry, we are honored to share these cards with Cards for Kindness, but we still need help!

Spellbinders Cards for Kindness #spellbinders #Neverstopmaking #cardmaking

Will you join us? Here’s how it works:

  1. Send 10 or more handmade cards (blank inside, without a personal message) plus envelopes, to Scrapbook.com (If you don’t have ten cards, consider coordinating with crafty friends to mail a larger quantity together.)
  2. Scrapbook.com organizes and distributes the cards to hospitals, children’s homes, retirement homes and more. 
  3. The cards are used by doctors, nurses, caregivers and staff who add their handwritten messages and give them to patients and people in need of some extra love. 

Spellbinders Cards for Kindness #spellbinders #Neverstopmaking #cardmaking

Cards for Kindness is collecting the following card themes:

  • Thinking of You
  • Inspirational/Motivational
  • Get Well Soon/Well Wishes
  • Thank You
  • Sympathy
  • Happy Hello
  • Christmas
  • Happy Birthday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • General cards/no specific sentiment

On the Cards for Kindness page at Scrapbook.com you’ll find more information about the partner organizations who receive their cards, further details about what to send, plus you’ll find the submission form they ask to be included with your donation. Please print it out and include it in your box of cards and envelopes. 

Spellbinders Cards for Kindness #spellbinders #Neverstopmaking #cardmaking

We can make such a difference in the lives of others with handmade cards, and here at Spellbinders we are grateful to be a part of it – thank you for helping us make a BIG impact and brightening the world with Cards for Kindness. 

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