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FSJ June 2018 Bloom Box – Set Sail!

There’s nothing to not love about the June Bloom Box!  This month we have a nautical stamp set that is perfect to use for so many different types of cards — birthday, encouragement & more.  And the color palette?  It’s PERFECT for summer and it’s just so beautifully coordinated.  Do you have anyone in mind you would send these cards to?

Where do we even start with this card?  I know! Let’s start with the vellum panel that is included.  Let’s go ahead and stamp the bottle, because it’ gives the ink a little extra time to dry.  (If it’s not dry when you’re finished with the rest of the elements, you can break out your Journey Heat Gun and speed up the process.

Now, what about that already embossed panel of cardstock?  Aside from being gorgeous, you’re ready to tear the edge off of one edge.  (You’ll want a beautiful rough edge – so hold the cardstock with your non-dominant hand and tear toward you with your dominant hand.) Now you can layer all of the pieces together!

Do you have a favorite part here?  How could you even pick one!? This is such a sweet card to send to a loved one who needs a little encouragement.  One of our favorite details is definitely the cork in the bottle!  Simply stamp the top portion of the bottle with your Black Licorice True Fusion Ink Pad on the small panel of Oatmeal Cookie cardstock.  Then, you’ll trim out only the cork with your Details Pro Shears and adhere it.  Adds such a fun little detail, don’t you think?

This card may feel simple, but it has so many fun little elements that all come together to create a card perfect for anyone! Don’t you love the color on the ship?  Of course, you can personalize it anyway you would like – but the yellow from the Journey Color Burst pencils really draws your eye in.  But, that is hardly the only fun detail on this card!

Who can’t use a WHALEY good birthday card? What about one that you get to stamp your own background paper and then adhere a vellum panel to create the perfect background that doesn’t compete, only compliments! The Turbo Teal True Color Fusion Ink Pad is the perfect to tie this card together and give the playfulness this card needs!

Would you like to see some of the fun techniques included this month?  You’re in luck since Kim Kesti would love to show you some of our tips right here!


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