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Softening BetterPress Backgrounds with Vellum

In the colorful world of paper crafting, where every hue and texture play a vital role in creating a masterpiece, one extra step can elevate your design to a whole new level of sophistication. Today, we’ll do that with the subtle elegance of vellum.

For all our projects today, we’ll be the latest goodies from Spellbinders’ BetterPress. As a paper and stationery enthusiast, I’ve always been drawn to letterpress and BetterPress filled a huge need in our craft for truly achieving this look. The texture of the impression, the fine details of the images, and the growing versatility of the products now available make it an indispensable tool in my crafting arsenal.

Softening BetterPress Backgrounds with Vellum, BPR-009

The Charm of Buffalo Plaid and Sprigs Backgrounds

Among the latest releases from Spellbinders Paper Arts, the Buffalo Plaid Letterpress Plate, and the Sprigs have captured my heart. Their classic design, combined with the precision of the BetterPress System, allows for letterpress backgrounds that are nothing short of breathtaking. The depth and texture they add to a card are reminiscent of the finest letterpress stationery, bringing a touch of sophistication and timeless elegance.

Softening BetterPress Backgrounds with Vellum, BPR-009

The Role of Vellum

Now, to truly make your focal point pop while maintaining the integrity of your colorful, letterpressed background, we turn to the magic of vellum. Vellum, with its translucent quality, serves as a perfect overlay that mutes the vibrant hues beneath it, allowing your sentiment or design to stand out brilliantly. But how do we achieve this without wet glue spots and warped vellum?

Softening BetterPress Backgrounds with Vellum, BPR-004

The secret lies in backing the vellum with adhesive from a sticker maker like a Xyron Creative Station Lite before placing it over the letterpressed cardstock. This technique ensures that the vellum adheres smoothly and uniformly, providing an even, muted look that enhances rather than obscures the design beneath it. The adhesive backing eliminates the need for visible adhesive marks, keeping the focus on the artistry of your card.

Softening BetterPress Backgrounds with Vellum, BPR-004

Crafting Your Masterpiece

To begin, letterpress your chosen design onto your cardstock using the Buffalo Plaid Letterpress Plate or the Sprigs BetterPress Registration Press Plates. The beauty of this system is its ability to deliver an even image with impeccable coverage, ensuring that every detail of the plates is crisply imprinted onto your background.

Next, prepare a sheet of vellum by running it through a sticker maker to apply an even layer of adhesive on one side. You may try a sheet of double-sided adhesive, as well. I would avoid liquid adhesive for this. Carefully place the adhesive-backed vellum over your letterpressed cardstock, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles with a bone folder. This layer of vellum acts as a soft veil, muting the colors beneath it and creating a stunning, ethereal effect that allows your focal point—be it a sentiment, an image, or a combination of both—to take center stage.

Softening BetterPress Backgrounds with Vellum, BPR-005

With your background set and your focal point emphasized by the vellum overlay, you can now add any additional embellishments to your card. Whether it’s a few strategically placed sequins, a ribbon, or a die-cut element, remember that the vellum and letterpressed background provides a rich, textured canvas that requires only minimal additions to shine. Here, I used a mix of Clear Dimensional Dots and gold half-back baubles.

Softening BetterPress Backgrounds with Vellum, BPR-005

Incorporating vellum to mute colorful card backgrounds is a technique that can transform your paper-crafting projects, offering a blend of vibrancy and subtlety that is truly captivating. By leveraging the BetterPress System and the Buffalo Plaid Letterpress Plate from Spellbinders Paper Arts, you have the tools to create cards that not only convey your message but also serve as keepsakes of exceptional beauty. Happy crafting!

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